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Helping You Find Your NEXT

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What’s Your



We all have a past, a present, and a future.

Wherever you are right now, it can be hard to know what comes NEXT, how to get there, or why it even matters.

I’ve studied extremes of both success and tragedy. I’ve worked with how exemplary people were able to discover their NEXT, including professional athletes, individuals who have faced significant health challenges, Olympians, people just starting out or in the midst of their career, as well as those ready to navigate NEXT opportunities. The lessons extrapolated are helpful for all of us.

I’ve distilled this work into 9 PRACTICES – critical components that can help you move forward successfully, create momentum, and find your own personal NEXT.

Everyone has a NEXT: a future you.

Take charge of your NEXT.

Working With You

Online Course

Navigating Life After Sports. This course is designed to help current and post-sport athletes discover their NEXT.


One-On-One Coaching. For leaders, visionaries, and those in transition. Designed for those who want customized support as they pursue their NEXT.

Who am I?

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My professional expertise is helping you navigate the arcs of success: searching for and defining a NEXT that works for you, and then supporting those pathways to achievement. I’ve studied the transitional performance of elite athletes, culminating in my forthcoming book. The insights and content I’ve developed around this work is central to my professional coaching practice.

Having personally navigated from Olympian to business women (in corporations and as an entrepreneur), from volunteer to community leader, and over the last several years as an impactful professional coach, I am uniquely qualified to understand your experiences and help you find your NEXT.

Professional Accreditation

  • ICF/PCC Certified Coach

  • Positive Psychology Certification

  • Adler School

  • Inquiry Institute

  • University of Michigan Graduate

Sporting Achievements

  • 1984 Olympian

  • Multiple Event & Multiple Year All American

  • 2x Captain of University of Michigan Swim Team

  • Member of University of Michigan Hall of Honor

Defining NEXT Is Up to You…

Is your NEXT…

Accelerating towards a current goal?

Changing lanes and doing something different?

Discovering new aspects of yourself?

Integrating your past with your future?

Pausing to consider your options?

…And I Can Help



“It is easy to get caught up in the same routine of being a professional athlete, but coaching helped me realize that in order to thrive, I have to push outside my comfort zone and explore what else I had to offer the world. The confidence I gained through sport gave me what I thought was my identity, but Melinda helped me realize the true potential of my identity wasn’t through my sport, and the confidence I had can be used to pursue new goals I never thought possible.” — American Record Holder, thriving post-sport in a medical career

“Melinda helped me understand the barriers I was placing in front of myself, that were challenges I was creating myself. Her honest and in-depth approach had me re-evaluate those barriers and learn how to see them for what they are and work around them. She is action oriented, which for a former athlete is key. I was used to being coached and needed someone who would keep me accountable with care but also steadfast to help me stick to my goals and go for my dreams.” — Post-sport Athlete, Broadcast Journalist

“Melinda was instrumental not only in my discovery of what was next in my professional life, but also in my realization of my personal set of values. The work that Melinda and I accomplished together game me an incredible sense of home base; of understanding myself in ways that allowed me to sort new opportunities into those that were right for me and those that were not aligned with my core beliefs. Her ability to focus a client on the discovery of their goals is impressively efficient and a great deal of fun. I’m now on a completely new road that I was unable to see in the past - one that aligns with the way that I view the world, and how I would like to forge my place in it.” — Vice-president: Corporate Communications, Global Renewable Energy Sector

“After several years living with dissatisfaction in my career and with a perceived lack of satisfaction, I was able to find clarity and focus through coaching sessions with Melinda. She helped me to identify the issues and self-imposed road blocks and to identify the changes needed to become a human being in place of just being a human doing.”— Partner in a Large Professional Firm

“Working with Melinda allowed me to work through some serious challenges I was experiencing at work and how best to respond. I went from nearly quitting to finding the opportunities within the challenges and learning about myself in the process.” — Olympic Medalist  

“Melinda is not only very smart and experienced coach; she also has the unteachable talent of intuition. She knows just where to go and gets there quickly. Her insights are a perfect mix of non-judgmental awareness and tough love.” — PGA Professional